Turner OCTO® System Scaffolding

Product benefits

  • The strength achieved in one cup can provide heavier load and higher height capability

    Leg loads of up to 8 tonne can be achieved, making Turner OCTO® suitable for use in falsework applications. Due to self-weight and larger grid sizes, freestanding and mobile possibilities are greater.

  • Visual safety checks are possible with the Turner OCTO® joint, which creates a flush top and enables a level working platform that reduces trip hazards and potential gaps in the scaffold platform.

    All joints can be visually inspected and resist vibration due to their tamper resistant design, improving the overall safety of the scaffold structure.

  • The Turner OCTO® Deck Lock features a tamper resistant design that reduces the risk of theft and unauthorised use.

    Ease of scaffold inspection is also achieved; the Turner OCTO® Deck Lock can be utilised to reduce inspection to a fraction of the time (all joints become vibration resistant).

  • Safer systems of work are possible with the use of GuardAid®; a positional tool that eliminates the risk of fall from height

    With integrated safety, the scaffolder is provided with safe systems of work throughout erection, dismantle and alteration of the System Scaffolding.