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Turner OCTO® – Designed for Greater Versatility

cupTurner OCTO® System Scaffolding is designed for greater versatility; achieved through the design of key scaffold components.

The Turner OCTO® joint connection allows a 360° movement, which can accommodate eight components in one cup at the same level.

This degree of versatility provides almost limitless possibilities in structure size, shape and strength, making Turner OCTO® appropriate for use in numerous market sectors, e.g. scaffolding offshore, industrial scaffolding.



  • Heavier load and higher height capability
  • Leg loads of up to 8 tonne – suitable for use in falsework applications
  • Freestanding and mobile possibilities are greater (due to self-weight and larger grid sizes)

OCTO VersatilityCompatibility

Turner OCTO® may be suitable for use with other system scaffolds and Tube & Fittings.

Greater Choice

  • Choice of four deck options – All Alloy, Alloy/Plywood, Alloy Steel Mesh, All Steel
  • Stair options – Alloy or Steel
  • Full range of cantilever components
  • Cups at 250mm centres
  • Floating cup for greater flexibility in joint positioning


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