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Turner OCTO Safety

Turner OCTO® – Designed for Improved Safety

Turner OCTO® System Scaffolding is designed to improve safety with unique features manufactured into key Turner OCTO® scaffold components; including scaffold component ergonomics, visual safety checks and a safe system of work to prevent the risk of fall from height.

A safer system of work

Eliminating the risk of fall from height with the GuardAid® Positional Tool. With integrated safety the scaffolder is provided with safe systems of work throughout erection, dismantle and alteration of the System Scaffolding.

Scaffold component safety features

The Turner OCTO® joint creates a flush top, which enables a level working platform which reduces potential gaps in the scaffold platform and trip hazards. All joints can be visually inspected and resist vibration due to their tamper resistant design, improving the overall safety of the scaffold structure.

Safety features in key scaffold components have been designed to become tamper resistant if required. Ease of dismantle and modification is a serious weakness with scaffolding systems in general when compared with traditional tube & fitting scaffolds. A Turner OCTO® scaffold can be upgraded from “temporary” status to a “permanent” structure category with the tamper resistant Turner OCTO® Locking option.

Turner OCTO® Deck Lock benefits include: the tamper resistant system which reduces the risk of theft and unauthorised use. Ease of Inspection is also achieved: Where statutory inspection is to be maintained, the Turner OCTO® Deck Lock can be utilised to reduce inspection to a fraction of the time (all joints become vibration resistant).

Deck LockAdditional Benefits

  • The scaffold sleeve connection is stronger and safer to fit.
  • Metal Toeboard is fire retardant, has a visual lock and creates a flush finish.
  • Erection process complies fully with Work at Height Regulations 2005 (Collective Protection) using the GuardAid® Positional Tool.
  • Turner OCTO® components have been designed with manual handling regulations in mind and components are manufactured to be ergonomic.


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