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Turner OCTO® – Scaffold Productivity

Turner OCTO® uses a combination of less weight and fewer components to achieve speed in erection and dismantling, resulting in greater productivity.

For the same scaffold area, Turner OCTO® uses fewer components and is less than half the weight of Tube & Fittings and traditional System Scaffolding.



Features contributing to Productivity Improvement

A combination of factors ensure Turner OCTO® users can maximise their productivity on scaffold projects. In many industries, the access provider is faced with challenging deadlines. The ability to meet or even exceed these expectations is often the key to winning contract opportunities.

Productivity can be achieved at the very start of a project. Planning and job design is more efficient with a fully metric system.

Erection and dismantling costs are reduced through the reduction in component content and self weight.

Key Turner OCTO® components have been designed and manufactured with safety in mind. Joint connections and excessive deflection in decking provide visual safety checks that can speed up the process of necessary inspections.

Not only do 4m vertical and 3.5m bay length options provide versatility, they also provide the ability to span greater heights and lengths with fewer components without compromising on the load bearing capability of the composite structure.

Productivity is also achieved with a simple erection and dismantling process. Turner OCTO® components are designed to be easily handled and fitted, making assembly or dismantle more efficient.

Through correct assembly of Turner OCTO® and use of GuardAid® Positional and Fixing Tool, the user can eliminate the need for harnesses and other resources and measures necessary to support them (e.g. Harness training, inspection regime, rescue planning and rescue resources including trauma training).


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