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Turner OCTO® System Scaffolding

Designed, manufactured and supplied by Turner Fabrication Ltd.


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Turner OCTO® System Scaffolding is designed and manufactured for Greater Versatility, Improved Safety and Increased Productivity. Supported by application know-how, design and training, available for Hire or Sale and used throughout the Turner Access Scaffolding Contracting Service.

Increased Productivity 
For the same scaffold area, Turner OCTO® uses fewer components and is less than half the weight of traditional Tube & Fittings and traditional system scaffolding. This means a reduction in erection and dismantling costs and increased speed, resulting in greater productivity.

Improved Safety 
Safety features are designed and manufactured into key Turner OCTO® scaffold components; everything from how the component is handled and fitted, to the system of work that prevents the risk of fall from height achieved by using GuardAid® Positional Tool.

Greater Versatility
Greater versatility is achieved through design of key scaffold components ensuring a versatility that provides almost limitless possibilities in scaffold structure size and shape.

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