Floating Cup

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About the product

The Turner OCTO® Floating Cup provides users with additional flexibility by allowing the main OCTO® joint connection to be positioned anywhere on an Ø48.3mm tube.

The floating cup can be clamped at any point on a standard and allows up to 4 connections; horizontals, cantilevers or guardrails.

Product benefits

The floating cup can be used to link Turner OCTO® System Scaffolding with traditional tube and fitting arrangements.

  • The floating cup must be tightened with a minimum tightening torque of 50 Nm
  • The floating up is tightened using a conventional 7/16” Scaffold Spanner
  • Weight: 1.35kg
  • Rating: V = 10kN based on failure / (1.5x1.1)


Benefits include:
  • Tested in UK Laboratories to EN74-1 for slip and ultimate loads
Size option:
  • One size

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