Alloy Beams

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About the product

The Turner Alloy Beam (X500) is 500mm deep and designed to be stronger and provide greater load carrying capacities than deeper beams, thus delivering lower weights, better handling and higher installation productivity. 

By comparison with similarly sized beams, design engineers will need fewer Turner X500 beams to achieve the same loading, resulting in savings in storage, transport and handling costs.

Product benefits

The Turner Beam (X500) is available in modular lengths from 1m to 7m that can be quickly and simply connected using aluminium spigots and locking pins, manufactured from high strength corrosion resistant steel suitable for marine corrosion environments, to make-up custom lengths whilst maintaining regular node and vertical spacing.

The beam’s top and bottom horizontals and main verticals are made from high strength 48.3mm OD aluminium tube capable of accepting standard scaffold couplers.

The beam design also allows for fixing connections to be made near structural node points.

Please Note: Fixing connections must only be made and loads must only be applied directly to the main top and bottom horizontal 48.3mm OD tubes and to the main 48.3mm OD tube verticals and NOT to any other part of the beam.


Benefits include:
  • Manufactured under a BS ISO 9001 approved Quality System
  • Independently analysed, assessed and tested to the requirements of BS EN 12811 and BS EN 1999
Size option:
  • Available in modular lengths from 1m to 7m

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