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Achieving Access & Scaffolding Best Practice with Fall Prevention (Collective Protection)

As a safety driven company, Turner Access is committed to providing safer systems of work in the erection, dismantling and alteration of scaffold structures. This is achieved with Collective Protection (fall prevention) Equipment. Turner Access believes that this dedication to providing safer systems of work falls under a moral responsibility as well as legal obligation.

Our pioneering developments in Collective Protection (fall prevention) Technology has resulted in us becoming recognised in the access marketplace as an industry leader in promoting and providing innovative solutions to working safely at height. 

Pioneering at BEST PRACTICE Level 1 and 3 of the Hierarchy of Measures and in full compliance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, we can provide complete fall prevention with our Advance Guardrails (Collective Protection) and specialist training courses.

Statement from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regarding fall prevention equipment.

“HSE acknowledges those in industry who have contributed to this guidance.  The use of telescopic Advanced Guardrails is one way to prevent scaffolders falling. This guidance will help contractors and scaffolders understand how and when to use telescopic Advanced Guardrails with tube and fitting scaffolds. The document complements NASC Code SG4:05 and provides a basis for instruction and training.” 

Joy Jones, HSE Principal Inspector National Construction Sector Safety Team



BetaGuard Integral Advance Guardrail BetaGuard Assembly BetaGuard

BetaGuard® Advance Guardrail (Integral)

Available for use with Turner's OCTO 250, 500 and Beta® Aluminium Tower types