OCTO 250 Aluminium Towers

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About the product

Available for hire or sale, OCTO 250 Aluminium Towers offer outstanding simplicity, strength and safety.

Featuring a unique climbing frame design, the OCTO 250 Alloy Tower has eight non-slip rungs at 250mm centres. OCTO 250 Towers are available in span and narrow widths, in standard braced or advance guardrail configuration (BetaGuard®).

Product benefits

Alloy Tower Climbing Frame Design

The OCTO 250 Alloy Tower features one to eight non-slip rung frames. There are no ladders to clip in or ladder frames; one climbing frame does it all.

Rhino Horn Brace Hooks

Lateral welding on the brace, a locking mechanism and rhino horn ensures the Turner brace is one of the most damage resistant on the market. The single action latch allows for a single handed operation.

Conical Head Spigot

The conical head eliminates frame jam, reducing the cost of replacement components. There are also no circlips or pins to lose, damage or forget about when assembling.

  • More working heights per frame
  • Platforms have a 6:1 safety ratio
  • Platforms tested to 6 times the safe working load
  • Eliminate the risk of fall from height with BetaGuard® AGR


Benefits include:
  • Accredited to ISO 9001:2008
  • Adheres with BS EN 1004:2004
  • Advance Guardrail or Braced configuration
Size option:
  • Span Width (1.45m wide)
  • Narrow Width (0.85m wide)
  • 1.5m platform length (AGR and braced)
  • 2.5m platform length (AGR and braced)
  • 3.2m platform length (braced only)

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