BetaGuard® AGR

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About the product

Turner Access continues to provide safer systems of work with the development of BetaGuard® Advanced Guardrail System for use on Turner Aluminium Scaffold Towers.

BetaGuard® is compatible with our OCTO 250 and Beta Aluminium Tower types.

Product benefits

Fall prevention

As an advance guardrail system the BetaGuard® provides best practice collective protection, but without the manual handling problems associated with current industry practice.

Simplifies tower assembly

The BetaGuard® Advanced Guardrail System also simplifies aluminium tower erection by eliminating the need for both horizontal and diagonal braces, reducing the main components to a total of three.

Utilisation and Asset Management

Utilisation and asset management is achieved with ease as individual single bracing members more susceptible to loss, damage and theft are replaced.

  • Eliminates trip hazards at base level
  • Provides a walk in/walk through facility
  • Contributes to the stability of the tower


Benefits include:
Size option:
  • 1.5m (compatible with OCTO 250 Tower)
  • 1.8m (compatible with Beta Tower)
  • 2.5m (compatible with OCTO 250 and Beta Tower)

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