Beta® Aluminium Towers

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About the product

Everything from the tower’s adjustable leg to the GRN spigot has been improved to make the Beta Tower® faster, lighter, stronger and inherently safer.

With 500mm centres, the Beta Tower features a ladder frame design that can be easily replaced if damaged and a glass reinforced nylon spigot. Beta Towers are available in span and narrow widths, in standard braced or advance guardrail configuration (BetaGuard®).

Product benefits

Ladder Frame Design

The Beta Alloy Tower features a ladder frame design, which can be easily replaced if damaged, reducing down-time and saving costs. Fine serration on the frame rungs provides better slip resistance.

Gull Wing Weld

The joint on the tower frame between the upright and the horizontal is incredibly strong (fully encapsulated gull wing weld). There is no need for castings, it minimises components and results in a lighter frame.

Automatic Windlock

The Beta Tower platform features a self-engaging windlock, which eliminates user mistakes and assists in speeding up tower assembly.

  • GRN Spigot
  • Platform end cross-members designed to enhance damage resistance
  • Leg and castor with roll trapezium self cleaning threads that retain the integrity of the component
  • Eliminate the risk of fall from height with BetaGuard® AGR


Benefits include:
  • Accredited to ISO 9001:2008
  • Adheres with BS EN 1004:2004
  • Advance Guardrail or Braced configuration
Size option:
  • Span Width (1.45m wide)
  • Narrow Width (0.85m wide)
  • 1.8m platform length (AGR and braced)
  • 2.5m platform length (AGR and braced)

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