Our Previous Work

Aircraft Docking Platform for Airbus Series (A319, A320 & A321)

Turner Access Aircraft Maintenance Docking Modules were designed to facilitate maintenance operations for the Airbus series of aircraft, which included the A319, A320 and A321. Modules were constructed to be manoeuvred into position by a minimum number of personnel and not by mechanical means.

Each docking module was positioned in accordance with layout plans and additional materials utilised to link the modules. This provided a continuous working platform with fall protection around the nose, front and rear fuselage (including overwing bridges) and tail to left and right hand sides. The integrity of the overall structure was neither compromised nor reliant upon any link arrangements between any separate docks (nose, fuse, etc.) Each of these docks could be used individually without any links, providing suitable access and handrail protection was installed.

B737 Tail Dock

Turner Access was approached to supply a design and methodology for gaining access to a B737 Aircraft Tail for general maintenance and inspection of the rudder and beacon. On approval of the design, Turner Access Aviation Contracts Division installed the docking and provided on-site training for Client personnel.

Due to the restricted space available within the hangar, there was no option of having a mobile structure. Therefore; the Tail Dock was designed to be fixed to the wall of the hangar. The design allowed the aircraft to be reversed into position, maximising the space available.

The structure Design also incorporated cantilever bracket components that could be removed and re-installed to allow for movement of the rudder during maintenance and inspection activity.

On completion of the Docking installation, Turner’s Aircraft Docking Technicians provided on-site training to allow the Client’s personnel to move the cantilever brackets that allow the aircraft rudder to move. This ensured that workers could gain safe access to the tail for adequate inspection and maintenance. On successful completion of the training, certificates were issued.

Full Docking System for Bombardier Dash-8 Q200 and Q400 Aircraft

A full docking system was required to provide access to the fuselage, wing, nose and tail of a Bombardier Dash-8 Q200 and Q400 Aircraft. The Docking Platform was required to gain access for general maintenance works to be carried out. This consisted of 12 individual docking modules linked together.

After a number of consultations with the Client, a series of 2D and 3D drawings were produced by Turner’s Design Department. Assembly of all docking structures was completed by Turner’s Docking Technicians in three days with a three-man squad.

Each docking configuration was designed to the Client’s specific requirements. Within the contract specifications, the Client opted for aluminium decking rather than plywood decking throughout the structures. The advantage of aluminium decking is the longevity it provides. Plywood decks can suffer from oil corrosion over time, depending on the extent of the spill. With aluminium decking, oil spills or leaks can be quickly cleaned, leaving an untarnished surface.

Full Docking System for Chinook Helicopter

A full docking system design was provided by Turner Access Aircraft Docking Designers to facilitate general maintenance works on a Chinook helicopter.

The docking system was made up of individual docking modules, which were manoeuvred into position separately and linked together.

One of the main challenges in installing adequate docking around the aircraft was the limited space in the hangar.

Additionally, the docking structure had to cantilever in towards the Chinook, which consisted of a 1.25m wide bay, with a 1.25m cantilever. This provided difficulties in ensuring the dock did not overturn.

The solution was to fix solid steel bars to the outer row of docking standards, which would provide ballast to counteract the destabilising effect caused by a person standing on the end of the cantilever.