Low Level Access

Delta Deck

The Deltadeck® low level access work platform is one complete unit that assembles and dismantles in less than a minute, allowing easy transportation and storage.

With multiple working heights (to a maximum of 870mm), the Deltadeck® low level work platform is ideal for those needing flexibility when working at heights of 3m and below.

Sigma Deck

The Sigmadeck folding low level access platform assembles and dismantles in minutes to provide a safe working platform up to a height of 1.6m (maximum working height 3.6m).

The Sigmadeck folding access platform is a robust low level access work platform designed for internal and external use (providing adjustable legs and stabilisers are used).

The Sigmadeck can also offer guardrail protection at all times and has compact folding dimensions for easy movement, storage and transportation.

The Alpha Step

The Alphastep (Podium Step) is a one-man low level access solution that provides safe and simple access for low level working at height.

The Alphastep platform has full guardrail protection at all times and is accessible via steps. The telescopic guardrail enables movement through doorways and is easily transportable.

Comprising of only 5 components and with a choice of 4 platform heights up to 1m (maximum working height 3m), the Alphastep Podium Step provides safe, effective and economical internal access.

The Omega Deck

The Omegadeck Low Level Work Platform is an innovative mobile aluminium bridging system from Turner Access, providing you with effortless up-and-over access.

The Omegadeck is ideally used in offices and manufacturing environments where it is not feasible to move desks or machinery out of the way in order to gain access. The Omegadeck aluminium bridging system provides quick and easy access over workstations and machinery, minimising disruption.

The Omegadeck aluminium bridging system comes with a standard platform height of 1.8m (working height 3.8m).