Composite Deck

An innovative scaffolding platform manufactured from fibre glass composite material.


The composite deck is extremely strong, tested in accordance with EN 12811-1 and has a load capacity of class 6. The strength and load capability of the deck provides increased versatility as a scaffolding system and allows it to be used in numerous applications and industry sectors.


Although the deck is extremely strong, it has been designed to be lightweight. This brings ergonomic benefits. Scaffolders’ bodies are put under a lot of stress due to the many heavy components they have to lift and install on a regular basis. Their jobs are particularly tough on the wrists, back, shoulders and knees. This applies particularly when working with traditional scaffold materials. Scaffolders can be prone to occupational injuries if handling heavy materials too often or if not handling them correctly.

The composite deck weighs 12 kg, reducing the risk of injury.


The deck can also be customised with colour and logo. For Turner Access Contracts, this has been provided in green with the Turner lettering. The benefit of this is reduced risk of theft.

Safety Features

It features an anti-slip surface, providing added safety benefits on a scaffold structure. If slips are eliminated, the user can feel more sure-footed, and in turn, works more productively. The deck also provides a flush platform, eliminating trip hazards.

The deck is also fire resistant (UL94 V-0). In the event of a fire on site, the composite material prevents the fire spreading.

It is also acid and alkali resistant, which extends the service life of the product.


The composite deck is fully recyclable, which contributes to the sustainable goals that Turner Access is committed to. A fully recyclable component meets the company’s commitment to responsible production and consumption, as well as its commitment to a greener environment.

It also meets the company’s sustainable goals of investing in its people and ensuring their health and well-being by providing a component and system of work that reduces the risk of occupational injury.

Added Benefits

As well as providing safety benefits regarding lifting the product, it also speeds up assembly and dismantling. The deck is easy to manoeuvre around site and install, maximising productivity.

Edinburgh International Festival 2018

Composite decks were used for a viewing platform at the Festival's Opening Event

Rental project in Denmark

A rental customer's contract in Copenhagen City Centre

Sales stock

Composite decks are available for sale