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Case Study: Scottish Referendum 2014 - Scaffold Media Platform

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Scottish Referendum Case StudyThe Scottish independence referendum was a historic event for the people of Scotland as the nation turned out in record numbers to decide if Scotland should become an independent country.

On 18 September 2014 the vote was made, and the Better Together campaign narrowly beat the Yes campaign by a margin of 55.5% to 44.5%, cementing Scotland’s future to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Turner Access was proud to play a small part in this historic event by providing temporary studio space for the journalists and TV crews in Edinburgh to report on the referendum for audiences across the world.

Client's Problem


Turner Access was first approached by Cameron Presentations in August 2014 to provide this temporary studio space by building three separate structures within the grounds of the Scottish Parliament.

The structures built were 16.4 metres long, 6.25 metres deep and 7 metres high with two platform levels at 1 metre and 3.5 metres. Two of the structures were exactly the same with the third structure slightly higher in the middle to accommodate a small rise in the ground underneath. Space was of the essence when building the three structures, with a number of decorative ponds and aesthetic requirements limiting the possibility to use ballasts to improve stability. As a result, Turner Access used Platipus Anchors - A percussion driven mechanical anchor that can be driven below ground level to provide an exact holding capacity. This provided the required stability loads and suited the client specification for space.

Time was also a crucial factor for the client, with only a small window available for assembly of the structures due to a strict timetable for media setup.


Our Solution

The Turner OCTO® scaffolding system uses a combination of less weight and fewer components to achieve greater speed in erection and dismantling, resulting in greater productivity. This meant the three structures could be built in three days, with a fourth day used only to sheet the structures to provide weather protection.

This was the first opportunity Turner Access used to incorporate the new Turner Beam (X500) which reduced the number of components needed for the roof structure whilst also improving the overall load capability.

The Outcome

All three structures were built to the exact specification and within the time required meaning the world’s media could report on the historic vote without disruption or compromise.

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