Scaffolding Contracts Glasgow School Modernisation Programme

Principle Contractor: South Lanarkshire Council Building Services

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MuiredgeTurner Access Contracts Division was appointed scaffold sub-contractor to provide access and scaffolding to accommodate this refurbishment and new-build project.

Refurbishments include internal and external alterations, demolition of rear extensions and erection of a new two storey extension. The new school will accommodate 12 classrooms, a nursery, two general purpose rooms, a dining and gym hall, kitchen, changing rooms, two staff areas, an ICT Suite, library, hygiene room and a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) pitch.

The project began in February 2014 and is scheduled for completion by June 2015.

Client's Problem

The school is a listed building, originally built in 1897 and is a traditional two-storey building of that era. As a result, consideration had to be given to the historic features of the building.

As part of the school refurbishment programme, a number of intricate and decorative stone panels and columns required cleaning, as well as repairs needed on the existing façade. Access to these features was required on the external walls, as well as internally. The refurbishment programme also included stripping of slate from the roof.

Our Solution

Critical to the success of the Modernisation Programme is the ability for South Lanarkshire Council to maintain the programme timetable. To achieve this, sub-contractors are required to maintain a strict schedule also.

Turner Access Contracts Division operates with Turner OCTO® System Scaffolding; a modular scaffold system that maximises productivity through use of fewer components for the same scaffold area.

The contract utilised 3.5m bay lengths, which reduced the volume of equipment on site. In addition to using fewer components than traditional scaffolding, Turner OCTO® components are lighter and easier to handle, allowing scaffolders to increase assembly times.

The ergonomic design of the scaffolding makes it possible for scaffolders to manoeuvre typically awkward horizontals and decks around the fragile decorative features of the school building, minimising the risk of accidental damage.

Turner OCTO® also features a joint connection that allows 360° degree movement. This means that up to eight components can be accommodated in one cup at the same level. This was an important feature in being able to access intricate parts of the façade and roof where decorative stonework is present.

The external façade structures were provided for three areas around the existing school building, which totalled approximately 1000m2 of scaffolding including one 2.5m long loading bay and three stair access bays, each 11m in height.

In addition to scaffold requirements on the external façade and roof of the building, an access solution to allow cleaning of decorative stonework internally was also required. To adhere to client requirements, a Turner OCTO® birdcage scaffold was provided. The birdcage structure, designed by Turner’s in-house Design Department, was erected on the first floor of the building to span across the stairwells and allow access to the timber trusses and stonework at ceiling level. The internal birdcage measured 17.5m x 7.5m x 5.0m high and was stepped to meet the curvature of the roof.

The Outcome

Progress on site continues in line with the contract programme with the continuation of stone repairs, roof works and first-fix joiner works. The scaffolding that was erected to the existing building allowed the stripping of slate from the roof and new tiling to begin.

Scaffolding has also been erected to allow building to commence on the new extension. Internally, work continues with the insulation of external walls and internal partitions being installed. Classrooms are being plastered and the heating system is also being fitted.

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