Case Study: Turner Group Head Office Refurbishment

Principle Contractor: akp Scotland

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Turner Refurbishment Case StudyAs part of the essential building refurbishment of the Turner Group Head Office in Glasgow, two-storey access was required for a number of internal and external upgrades.

Client's Problem

The Challenge

Access was required to a number of different internal and external areas of the building for refurbishment works, including:
Roofing improvements, aluminium double glazed window installation, security boundary fence replacement, internal stairwell refurbishment, external brick work and internal air conditioning servicing.

In order to gain access to the required refurbishment areas, the Turner OCTO® Scaffolding system was used, installed by Turner Access Contracts Division.

Internal Ventilation

The scaffold structure included mesh decking; used to allow adequate ventilation and temperature management of the internal air conditioning system while being serviced.

Without the appropriate ventilation, the temperature of the air conditioning system would rise to a level that would cause a shut down – A costly prospect.

The Turner OCTO® mesh deck, consisting of an aluminium box section frame with aluminium mesh insert, allows air to flow freely through it which provided the needed ventilation to maintain the optimum temperature of the system.

Our Solution

The speed of the Turner OCTO® System was a significant factor in the success of the project. For the same scaffold area, Turner OCTO® uses fewer components and is less than half the weight of traditional tube and fittings and traditional system scaffolding. This means a reduction in erection and dismantling time and increased speed, resulting in greater productivity.

The Outcome

The Turner Group Building has now been fully refurbished and displays a modern and innovative environment that all members of the Group can be proud of. The interior styling is now in line with the corporate branding of the Turner Group and the exterior work has improved upon key areas of the building.

“There are many benefits when using the Turner OCTO® system. Most importantly for akp on this occasion, was the speed of erection of Turner OCTO® compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffolding. Turner OCTO® is also far less labour intensive and is ideal for use in restricted width areas. We have worked with Turner Access on several projects and can highly recommend their service.”

Tom Bird, Contract Manager, akp Scotland


“We are delighted with the outcome and our new improved working environment - it is of real benefit to the Turner Group staff.”

Diane Freckleton, Business Systems, The Turner Group

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