Aluminium Towers

Turner Access manufactures two types of Aluminium Tower; the OCTO 250 and the BETA Tower ®. Turner Access towers are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 facility and adhere with BS EN 1004:2004.

Both tower systems are available in span and narrow widths and can be provided in standard brace configuration or with integrated advance guardrail technology using BetaGuard®.

BetaGuard® Advance Guardrail (AGR) provides benefits such as fall prevention, a simpler tower assembly method, and improved asset management. As an advance guardrail system the BetaGuard® provides best practice collective protection, but without the manual handling problems associated with current industry practice.

It also simplifies aluminium tower erection by eliminating the need for both horizontal and diagonal braces, reducing the main components to a total of three. Utilisation and asset management is achieved with ease as individual single bracing members more susceptible to loss, damage and theft are replaced.

OCTO 250 Aluminium Towers

OCTO 250 Aluminium Towers offer outstanding simplicity, strength and safety.

OCTO 250 Towers include safety features such as a climbing frame design with 8 non-slip rungs at 250mm centres, rhino horn brace hooks and a conical head spigot. Our platforms have a 6:1 safety ratio and are tested to 6 times the safe working load.

BETA® Aluminium Towers

About the Product

Everything from the tower’s adjustable leg to the GRN spigot has been improved to make the Beta Tower® faster, lighter, stronger and inherently safer.

With 500mm centres, the Beta Tower features a ladder frame design that can be easily replaced if damaged and a glass reinforced nylon spigot. Beta Towers are available in span and narrow widths, in standard braced or advance guardrail configuration (BetaGuard®).